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NotebookAs we all know, summer is beginning to come to a close and the 2009-2010 school year is approaching. My senior year is coming up this fall, and I definitely want to make it the best year yet. However, regardless of whether its your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year, you should try your hardest in everything you do. I know that high school may be a pain sometimes, but in order to get where you want to go in life, you have to make a lasting impact and set the bar high.

For me, my high school years were the most drama filled years of my life thus far, but regardless of the “he said, she said”, I still got my work done. A common misconception about high school is that you can slack off during the first three years because senior year is the only year that counts. This is absolutely not true! Your GPA that you send to colleges is cumulative, meaning that every year counts. So, if you’ve had a lower GPA during the first three years, it’s going to be pretty hard to boost it during senior year. Friends, boyfriends, gossip, parties, etc. all come with the high school package, but remember that the most important this is to create a balance between your social life and your academic life.

Remember that school should be your first priority, and most importantly, enjoy it, because high school only happens once!