Are there any PCOS-friendly foods I can get in a vending machine when I’m on the run?

PCOS BlogVending machines aren’t filled with the most nutritious choices. This can be a problem for girls with PCOS who need to grab a quick snack in between school and activities, and want something healthy to snack on. When you are making your snack choice, try to stay away from foods that are made up of mostly sugar or refined grains such as licorice, gummy/chewy candy, chips, cookies, sweet pastries, etc. Sugary foods and refined grains can raise your insulin levels and are not very filling. Foods that have some protein in them, or snacks that are made with whole grains or are high in fiber don’t make your insulin go up as much and they are more filling. Choose a snack that has some protein in it, such as nuts, trail mix with nuts/seeds, or a string cheese. For a high-fiber choice, select a granola bar, popcorn, or whole grain chips or crackers. Better yet, pack your purse or school bag with a couple of PCOS-friendly snacks such as a piece of fruit, a small bag of nuts, or a high fiber granola bar, so you aren’t stuck having to get something from a vending machine.

Here are some more healthy, PCOS-friendly snack ideas from our website.

-Nutritionist Kendrin