Teen Voices

Teen VoicesThis past Friday, Emily, Erica and I had the pleasure of going to Teen Voices for the second time to give a presentation on self-esteem and the media. This was a very large group, and unlike our first visit, we weren’t intimidated at all. I guess you can say we felt at home even though we had a new audience. With music blasting and girls mingling, we prepared to present. As usual, we started off with ground rules and an icebreaker where we got to know one another better. After touching on the basic elements of self-esteem, we introduced “Tear it Up”, an interactive game that demonstrates how your self-esteem can be effected throughout the day.

The girls seemed eager to get started. Hands were raised everywhere and everyone had something to share, including Emily and I. After this we moved onto a discussion about how the media affects our self-esteem. We had a few minor setbacks with the computer and LCD projector, but we quickly found another topic to discuss while Phaedra worked on the problem. We finished off the evening with a few take home messages, and of course evaluations, bookmarks, and pencils. According to the feedback, the girls at Teen Voices enjoyed our presentation once again. I guess we are becoming pros at this, right girls?

For more information, check out our guide on self-esteem and body image.