The Grand Opening of The Gallery @ 333

Gallery at 333March 25th was an exciting day for the CYWH! We celebrated the grand opening of the “Gallery at 333”. The public was invited to view the artwork currently on display; a collection of photographs by teens at the Arts for Humanities program here in Boston. This “Kaleidoscope” collection is the first of many exhibits that will be featured on the walls outside of the Adolescent Medicine outpatient clinic. We have 16 feet of gallery space that can accommodate 4-12 pieces (depending on the size of the artwork) and there is already buzz about expanding the Gallery.

The Gallery is a collaboration of the Art for Kool Kidz program at Children’s Hospital Boston. The purpose of the gallery is to share and enjoy expressive artwork created by teens, and to that empower deeper communication and greater participation within our patient community. Our staff is extremely excited and proud to have our own gallery for displaying artwork by talented local youth.

We would also like to announce that we’re currently accepting artwork submissions. All work is installed on a rod hanging system, which is both flexible and secure. Your work must be two-dimensional and ready to hang (framed, wire back). Please use Plexiglass, as no glass is allowed

To apply, please include the following materials:
5-10 sample images (printed photographs or .jpg images on a CD)
Description of the project or theme of the exhibit
Brief bio about the artist and the youth organization

Mail these materials to:
Center for Young Women’s Health
Attn: Phaedra Thomas
333 Longwood Avenue, 5th floor
Boston, MA 02115

For more information, please call me directly at: 617-355-7712 or email me at: