Wii Party!

TAC Wii Vegas PartyOn April 6th the Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) hosted a party at the Patient Entertainment Center (PEC) at Children’s Hospital Boston. This time our theme was WiiVegas. Aside from the bagel bites and fruit and cheese platters, we had huge Wii projectors and blackjack tables. The fun started at 6pm, with Emily and Lauren (members of the Teen Advisory Committee) going to all of the adolescent in-patient floors to remind patients to come to the party. The PEC started to fill up very quickly as kids came in to take part in bead making and arts and crafts. Wii bowling was a hit and the blackjack table had a long line of people. To top it all off, we had a sixteen year old magician who came and showed us a lot of cool magic ticks. As one of his tricks he took Erica’s (another TAC member) phone and proceeded to blow up a balloon on top of it. Some how, some way, Erica’s phone ended up being inside of the balloon and when he let the air out, it came right back out the bottom. In short, the night was amazing. We had snacks, games, crafts, laughs, and most importantly good company. I’m anxious to plan our next party!