Dorm Room Decisions

Hey it’s Emily!

Congratulations to all the newly graduated high school seniors! Despite it being hard and stressful at times, we made it to the finish line! Now we can begin our next journey. For some of us this includes college.

In the next couple of months many of us will be shopping and packing up things we will need for our dorm rooms. But where do you begin? Colleges and universities send out packets of information including everything you need to know about preparing for the upcoming year. This usually includes a list of what you’ll need to bring for your dorm room, such as sheets, towels, a hair dryer, and other items. Once you find out who your roommate is, it’s a good idea to get in touch and ask what they plan on bringing. You can decide on who will be bringing what so you don’t end up with two of everything.

Boys might not care about a matching color scheme with their roommates, but I know it’s important to a lot of girls. Chatting about this sort of stuff before you go shopping will save you time and aggrivation. Many store chains that carry home goods dedicate a section of their store or their website to dorm living. In this section, you should be able to find everything you need to survive your freshmen year. Also, many of these stores offer great discounts, so keep your eyes peeled for coupons in your local paper or on the internet.

The cost of furnishing a dorm room with a fridge, a microwave, and a T.V can get expensive, so one good thing about having a roommate is that you can divide up the cost of these items. Remember to double check with your college or university to make sure you are allowed to bring certain electronics. Many colleges don’t allow items such as a coffee pot or a hot plate because they’re considered a fire hazard. It’s also a good idea to find out if there is a certain voltage restriction before buying a microwave or a fridge. If your floor has access to a kitchen you may decide that a microwave or a fridge isn’t necessary. Another helpful tip I’ve received was to buy a computer lock that you can use in your dorm room, classroom, or in the library. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your resident hall or campus isn’t safe; it is just better to take precautions.

I hope that these tips are helpful. Remember to keep an eye out for those packing lists! Have a great summer!