Summer Break: Boston Style

Summer portraitFor some students, summer vacation is already here, and it’s just around the corner for others. Unlike winter or spring break, summer break is really long. This gives us time to do a lot of things. Watching TV, playing video games, or social networking on the computer can be fun, but it can also get boring after a while. This summer we should all get involved in our communities, spend time doing fun activities such as taking a class, volunteering, or traveling.

This summer I’m going to be working here at the CYWH, and I’m also going to the Dominican Republic to spend time with my family and friends. If you have a job lined up for the summer, you’re all set. If you don’t have a job, maybe you might like to get involved in a summer program instead.

Some of the summer programs here in Boston that might interest you are Camp Joy, YMCA Achievers and WriteBoston.
Camp Joy is a summer camp for Boston residents with disabilities.
YMCA Achievers engages students entering grades 8 through 10 and introduces them to various careers in the arts, government, and health sectors.
Teens in Print encourages students to take part in WriteBoston’s annual 4-week Summer Journalism Institute.

For more information on summer activities in Boston, visit the city of Boston’s website, and look at the opportunities offered on a monthly basis. Also, check out to search for summer programs. If you’re looking for a job, check out ABCD SummerWorks. SummerWorks helps teens find jobs and offers different workshops such as resume writing and conflict resolution.