North Quincy HS Fundraiser for CHB

North Quincy High School and Children's Hospital BostonHey again! How’s everyone doing? I have some big news to share! My high school (North Quincy) will be holding a fundraiser on November 4th, 2010. All of the proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hospital Boston, more specifically the activity rooms. The activity rooms are places located all around the hospital where patients can get games, movies, or just hang out to help pass time while at the hospital. We will be selling beautiful framed pictures taken by our photo students. All pictures convey the message of peace and happiness. Images vary from tranquil pictures of nature at its finest to the Boston skyline lit up at night under a cloudy sky.

The fundraiser was the idea of one incredible girl, and along with the help of our school photo teacher and other students her vision is becoming a reality. She got the idea after “Rachel’s Challenge” came to our school and taught about ideas of friendliness and kindness.”Rachels Challenge” is a presentation about Rachel Scott, one of the victims of the Columbine shooting. Rachel was a very upbeat person who was determined to change the world into a kinder, better, place. “Rachel’s Challenge” dares its viewers to start a chain reaction, and that is exactly what we are doing this fundraiser.

All of the art work being sold is priced affordably (between $20-$30) and the proceeds are for a great cause. Please stop by North Quincy High School at 5:30 pm on November 4th to look at the art work (which is amazing; most, if not all of the photos look professionally done). If you like what you see, you can purchase a photo and donate to the hospital that has helped so many children! Thank you for the support.