Ear Plug Pledge Completed!

Concert photoI used to think ear plugs were for old folks. I used to think they only really benefited the musicians. I used to think they completely drowned out the live concert experience. I used to think wrong.

I just want to make it clear: following through on my pledge to wear ear plugs to concerts was not easy. It was a pledge I have made repeatedly in the past. This past weekend I took the plunge and bought a 50 pack of ear plugs from my local pharmacy and actually wore them at 2 out of 3 concerts. Not bad!

The first “ear-plugged” concert was in a large arena that sat around 10,000 people. It was my favorite band, so I situated myself nice and close. I was genuinely surprised that I was able to hear each note perfectly clear. I always had this perception that ear plugs would completely drown out the intensity of the live music experience. Although it certainly had an impact on how loud the music was, I was able to hear all of my favorite bass lines and guitar riffs loud and clear.

Ironically, a friend of mine also expressed interest in trying ear plugs out. She had always considered it, but had never tried them out. I met up with her at another concert over the weekend, and she had her own pair that she obtained through customer information at the arena. She was hooked, and told me she would never be without ear plugs again!

I also attended a third concert that weekend at a much smaller music venue. It held less than 3,000 people. Like most times I’m at a small venue, I was right in front of the stage, not more than 15 feet from the speakers. Once again, I could hear every drumbeat and every pitch of the lead singer’s voice loud and clear. I can’t say enough about how beneficial the plugs were. Normally I would leave the show with my ears ringing, but not on this night. Probably the greatest added benefit was that the plugs completely muted the chatter of the audience. I couldn’t hear the yelling and banter around me, and was able to focus even more intently on the music. For me, this was the selling point.

When you chose to wear ear plugs, you’re not drowning out the music. You’re merely lowering the noise level so it doesn’t ruin you hearing. Now that I have made the change, I look forward to being able to hear my grandkids laughing when I’m 80!

-Daniel, Young Men’s Health Task Force