For Colored Girls – The Movie

When I first heard about this movie I thought it would be just another movie by Tyler Perry, I was proven wrong. This movie was about the struggles that all black women face at some point in their lives. Tyler Perry really focuses on how colored women trust men and put their all into trying to make them happy, but still end up being betrayed in the end.

This movie taught me about some things all women face. Whether or not we are of color, we all can relate to being hurt and neglected. Sometimes we don’t appreciate ourselves; we undervalue ourselves and put up with things that we shouldn’t. However, once we acknowledge our self-worth, we will understand that we deserve better and don’t have to put up with anything that hurts us physically or mentally.

As a girl of color, this movie helped me feel more confident in myself. The movie also teaches men that there will come a time when women say that enough is enough. I believe that this movie is for all girls and not just for girls of color, because it teaches every woman a lesson. It shows things that females face everyday. It teaches women that although they face many challenges including trust issues, relationships, being portrayed as inferior, being betrayed, and so on, we can always find strength in ourselves to overcome all of these challenges and obstacles.