When Role Models Are Not “All That”

Health Care ProviderHi everyone, I just heard about a dentist from MA who was arrested for writing prescriptions for narcotics in exchange for sexual favors. Yuck! I know; it’s bizarre how someone that many people look up to would do something like this. Apparently the police received a tip from someone a month ago. It’s surprising to me that it took this long for someone to finally come forward and say enough is enough. For now the dentist is behind bars awaiting a full investigation and trial.

I feel that this story was interesting and scary at the same time because no one expects a medical professional to do such a thing. It’s disappointing to find out that a person that you look up to in the community is not the role model you thought they were. You may feel duped, betrayed, disappointed, and angry all at the same time. However, it’s okay to feel that way because the role of a dentist (or any other health care professional) is to make their patients feel safe and secure. Giving out prescription drugs for sexual favors can set a bad reputation for other people we look up to, because trust is involved with taking care of people in the community. To hear about something like this can make it hard for patients to fully trust the people that take care of them.

However, not all health care professionals will make the same bad choices that this person did. It’s important to trust your health care providers because most of them do have your best interest in mind. Just remember to be cautious and don’t hesitate to tell a trusted adult if you feel uncomfortable about something that happened between you and a person who should be taking care of you.