Tattoos in High School

TattooLately I’ve noticed that getting a tattoo has become a popular trend among teens in high school. Do you agree? Many teens have been getting tattoos, (most without parental consent), just so others think they’re cool or to fit in.

I’m not against people getting tattoos, but if someone is going to get a tattoo it makes sense to get a design that’s meaningful. For example, getting a tattoo of your mothers name would make more sense than getting a tattoo of your partners name. In many cases, the relationship with a partner won’t last, but your mother will always be your mother.

Many people that get tattoos don’t know the possible consequences. For example; some young teens don’t get their tattoos done by a licensed tattoo artist. This usually means that they go to someone’s house or a shop that isn’t clean or safe. They figure that the person injecting the ink knows what they are doing. The truth is that although getting a tattoo by an unlicensed tattoo artist may be cheaper, it can also be very dangerous. If the tattoo artist doesn’t sterilize the tools, you’re at risk of getting hepatitis and/or HIV.

It’s also important to think about your future and the type of career you might want to pursue. If you are positive that you want a tattoo, think about the type you want to get and where on your body you want to get it, so that you won’t be sorry later. What I’m trying to say is that getting a tattoo is a serious decision so you should think it through before making a quick decision to run off to a tattoo parlor. The bottom line is that you should never get a tattoo because you feel pressured or because you want to fit in. If you do decide you want to get a tattoo, go to a licensed professional.