Vacationing… or Studying?

StudyingMy spring vacation is here and I’m very excited because it means that I’m one step closer to summer vacation. Even though I only get one week of vacation, I can catch up on some much needed sleep and enjoy the break from school; especially homework, tests, and quizzes. Some people will be able to enjoy this vacation 100% because they’ll be traveling, but while everyone is chilling, I’ll be working and thinking about my goals for term four (which begins after April vacation).

As a junior, I realize that college is right around the corner and senior year means serious business. Going into term four means there is no room for mistakes. I need to keep my grades up and not fall behind so I won’t have to worry about make-up work or summer school. April vacation also gives me time to prepare for my SAT test which is coming up in the month of May. My goal is to spend at least 30 minutes studying each day in order to earn the score I want. Therefore, even though there’s no school during April vacation, students like myself still have plenty to do to keep busy.

So, now that you know my plans for April vacation, what will you be doing?