Fad Diet Alert: Dukan Diet

The Dukan DietJust a couple of years ago, the low carbohydrate diet (formally know as the Atkins Diet) swept across the country. Well, the low carbohydrate craze has made its way back – at least in Europe – with the popular French “Dukan Diet”. Like other fad diets, the Dukan Diet promises rapid weight loss without counting calories, feeling hungry, or having to worry about lifelong maintenance. A word to the wise; this is just another nicely marketed fad diet!

The “Dukan Diet” is very restrictive and doesn’t allow much more than lean protein, oat bran, and water. The problem with eliminating entire food groups is that you miss out on essential nutrients. Forget the media’s spin on the diet or the fact that the Kate Middleton was supposedly on the diet before her wedding. Listen to nutrition professionals such as the British Dietetic Association who say that this diet could be the worst fad diet of 2011.

The bottom line is that this is not a healthy weight loss strategy or an effective plan for long term weight control. If you’re interested in losing weight in a healthy and realistic manner, make an appointment with your local Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for individualized assistance with a weight loss plan that’s right for you. Also, be sure to check out our guide on fad diets versus healthy weight management. You‘ll learn more on how to spot a fad and how to eat in a healthy, balanced way.

-Nutritionist Orianna