About Bullying…

Being BulliedUnfortunately, bullying seems to be a part of growing up. In a sad way, it almost seems like a natural evolutionary instinct for some people. It’s like they need to be mean to make themselves feel better. People who bully others are sad individuals, and if you’re being bullied, just remember that when all is said and done, and everyone has grown up, one of two things will happen to bullies. They will either realize the error of their ways (stop bullying, and become normal people) or they won’t stop and probably turn out to be pretty awful people. Certainly not people I’d like to be friends with.

Kids can be so mean sometimes. They find the stupidest reasons to pick on others. When I was in first grade, I distinctly remember getting teased because of this one food I would eat at lunch. Do you know what that food was? Nutella! (If you’re not familiar with Nutella, it’s a brown, chocolate-hazelnut flavored spread which has a similar consistency to peanut butter. It’s very popular with Italians.) The other kids would laugh at me and say, “You’re eating poop! You’re eating poop!” This was fine with me at first, ‘cause I didn’t have to share any of my amazing chocolate-hazelnut goodness, but eventually it would start to make me really sad, and eventually I didn’t want to bring Nutella for lunch.

My mother realized what was happening and gave me a whole long speech about how I should be proud of who I am, and my culture. She said I “shouldn’t be ashamed to eat what I want” and all the usual stuff people tell a young child when they’re being teased. I really wish I listened more to people who were trying to help me through being bullied. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so self-conscious when I was younger, or maybe I’d be more confident in myself today.

As part of an ethnic minority in my neighborhood, I was constantly bullied growing up. Now, I’ve developed the “I don’t care what others think of me” attitude, and to be honest, it’s a much more suitable mentality for adulthood. Something you should always remember if bad things are happening to you at school or in your neighborhood is that things will change and get better when you are grown up. It’s not that everything will be perfect and you won’t ever run into mean people, but when you do – you won’t care as much about what they think or say.

If you are having trouble in school, it’s best to talk to a trusted adult and explain things to them. Don’t be afraid of sounding like a tattle. You can do what you have to do without lowering yourself to their level (or punching them in the face and getting in trouble for it). Sounds like a good plan to me! Ten years later, you’ll see them picking up Nutella in the supermarket, and you’ll smile, relax, and feel really good about yourself.