Settling Into College

Friends at CollegeSettling into college is a process, and so, it takes time. If you’re in your freshman year, you’re well on your way. For example, you’ve probably moved your things into your dorm, which means you’ve already become more independent. Maybe you’ve done your laundry, gone grocery shopping, and found your way to the dining hall. If you’ve been used to your parents doing everything for you, doing these tasks for the first time may come as a harsh reality. You might not mind at all though, if you’ve been waiting to be on your own for a long time.

However, it’s normal if you feel homesick sometimes. Your lifestyle at college and your routine at home are probably completely different, and you may miss how things were at home. Keep in mind that you’ll have time off during the holidays and during spring break to go home. If you live fairly close by, you can always go home for a weekend and have a home-cooked meal. I have to admit I go home once a week just to taste my mom’s cooking.

Another part of settling into college is getting used to your new social life. This is also an ongoing process. Keep in mind that while you’re at college, you’ll meet lots of people. You can look into clubs and intramural sports leagues on campus as a way of meeting new friends outside of your classes or dorm. Remember, college is an experience; and like all experiences, it depends on what you make of it. So go out and meet new people, and if you’re feeling homesick give your parent(s) or guardian a call – in most cases, they’re just a phone call away!