Health At Every Size

Health At Every SizeAny kind of name-calling (especially weight-related teasing) is really hurtful.  Unfortunately, name-calling and teasing about weight is very common. Some people may think that this type of teasing is okay because if someone really wanted to, they could lose or gain weight. What people may not know is how damaging and unhealthy it can be to be too worried about weight. When we allow ourselves to be defined by our size or by the number on the scale and let it determine our self worth, we forget about what we can do. We forget that everyone has a chance to be healthy, no matter his or her size.

The Health At Every Size movement (HAES) reminds us that we are much more than the number on the scale or the size of our pants. HAES means that you can choose to be healthy right now – regardless of how you look, because how you feel and act is what really counts. Remember, health is about being able to be active, eating well-balanced meals, and having fun with friends.

Unfortunately, many teens will skip meals or eat grapefruit for days in order to lose weight, and others go out for fast food everyday because they think their health is something they can worry about later. The truth is, thin people can be unhealthy and  overweight people can be healthy. What is your goal?

Supporting healthy habits, no matter what your weight is today, is about taking care of your body by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, going for a walk, wearing sunscreen, saying no to cigarettes, and drinking lots of water. No matter what your size, going on a fad diet or obsessing about your weight is simply not healthy! So, grab a friend and join the HAES movement today!

-Nutritionist Bryan