PCOS and Depression

PCOS BlogGetting a diagnosis of PCOS can be a big relief, as you finally have a name for what’s been going on with your body. Knowing the cause of the physical problems you have and understanding that treatment is available can feel like a load has been lifted off of your shoulders, but it’s also normal to feel frustrated or even sad when you’re given the news that you have PCOS. Having to deal with embarrassing facial hair and weight issues, or feeling “different” can takes its toll, leaving you feeling discouraged, and sometimes even down right miserable.

Try to remember that you’re not alone! There are many young women and adult women who have been treated with PCOS and are managing very well. Finding a health care provider with whom you feel comfortable and who knows a lot about PCOS is very important to the big picture around getting better. Keeping a positive attitude and working on a healthy lifestyle even when results seem to take a long time is very important, too!

It’s natural to feel blue or down in the dumps at times for any reason. However, if this feeling lasts onger than a couple of weeks it could be depression. If you’re depressed, you may or may not notice changes in yourself, but usually people who are close to you will notice a change. There are no laboratory tests that can be done to prove that you’re depressed like there are for PCOS, but if you think you may be depressed, it’s worth talking with a trusted adult and your health care provider. Hang in there. It does get better!