Introducing Christina

ChristinaHello, my name is Christina, and I’m the one of the newest peer leaders here at the Center for Young’s Women’s Heath, Children’s Hospital Boston. I just recently turned seventeen years old, and I’m a junior at Boston Latin Academy. Even though I care a lot about education, I’m also very lively and outgoing; being social, hanging out with friends, and always being involved in some type of activity are all facets of my daily life. I love being an all-around individual, participating in sports such as tennis and track, and clubs involving topics from health to fashion. Trying new things is my motto!

One Saturday afternoon, I was browsing for a part-time job on the internet, and somehow I magically stumbled on the Boston Latin School PIC website. Amazingly, the very first ad on the top of the page was for Children’s Hospital Boston. The Center for Young Women’s Health was recruiting high-school girls to become youth advisors. I felt like the computer was speaking directly to me! I immediately printed the application and completed it the same day.

On Tuesday, I rushed to the Center and handed in my application. I even had the opportunity to meet Adrianne, the youth advisory program coordinator. When I arrived home a couple hours later, and my triplet-brother informed me that someone had called and scheduled an interview for me. I froze right at that moment when I asked him “Who?”. His response was, “Adrianne”. I was so excited that my eyes were fixed on the callback number for the rest of the night.

Exactly two days later, I was prepping for my big interview. I just told myself to stay calm, and instead of rehearsing what I was going to say, I decided I just wanted the words to flow from my heart. I can’t even remotely explain how nervous I was while I was waiting to be interviewed. Fortunately, I had fun talking about myself; past, present, and future. Later I got a call from Adrianne informing me that I got the position!

I feel working as a youth advisor is an opportunity of a lifetime and something that will enable me to learn new skills and help me figure out if I feel comfortable in a medical environment (as I want to pursue my dream of becoming a pediatrician). It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I already love it and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!