Introducing Alexa

AlexaHi! My name’s Alexa and I’m one of the new youth advisors at the Center for Youth Women’s Health (CYWH). I’m sixteen and a sophomore at Boston Latin Academy. I am super friendly, hardworking, and creative. Like most teenage girls I like to spend time with friends and family, and shop. I’m interested in the visual arts (photography in particular), and the performing arts.

I have been playing the cello for ten years now and I’m a member of the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras. I think that growing up, one should have a passion. For me it has become music, but I believe you can feel passionately about anything from a sport to a talent, because it helps shape you and helps you grow. Being a musician has helped me learn and obtain valuable skills such as patience, working with others, determination, and it just makes me happy. I’m also interested in many different things such as criminal justice, anthropology, psychology, and mental and behavioral health. Whatever profession I choose in my future I know it will be something that involves helping others. I love to meet new people and learn from them as well. I hope to have a positive affect on people, especially youth.

I found out about the Center for Young Women’s Health from a family member who happens to be a former youth advisor. My cousin has always been a role model and inspiration for me, so when she recommended the Center, I didn’t hesitate to learn more about the position. My favorite part of the Center for Young Women’s Health’s mission is that they empower youth to be active and aware of their health, and it’s also a place for teens, young adults, their parents, and others to turn to for reliable health information. I believe that being a part of the CYWH team is a good thing. Not only will I personally benefit by learning new skills, I will also get to help other girls like me.