Exploring Interests Aside from Your Major

School ClubSo I’m writing this mainly for the college kids out there who find themselves extremely interested in something other than what they’re studying. Some may feel they should change their major, but this isn’t the best option, especially as a junior of a senior. Changing a major could mean losing credits, or finding that you need to take many more classes to complete your major.

Some people may decide that their interests should mainly be ignored, and that they should only pursue whatever it might be in a casual manner. This is an o-k, solution, but in my opinion, you should always do something that you love. For instance, I’m a psychology student (which I wouldn’t change), but I love astronomy and science. I’m not particularly good enough at astronomy to make it my major, but it’s something I would still like to explore in my college days. This is why I’m advocating that anyone who has some sort of outside interests should try to join a club. If one doesn’t exist, start one yourself!

I know clubs may sound silly to some, and nerdy to many more, but they’re great. Most colleges have budgets for student activities, but there may not be any one taking advantage of this. All it takes is for a few brave individuals to do the leg work and start a club of their own – this is what happened at my college.

After returning from my study abroad experience, my interest in astronomy was at a fever pitch. There was an astronomy class offered abroad, but nothing was offered here in Boston. Many of my friends felt the same way, and a few of us got together and petitioned our college to start an astronomy club. I’m proud to say that it’s currently doing amazing, (only 2 years in), and it’s still growing. Although none of us will become astrophysicists, we do get a chance to get together with other people who share the same interests, and talk about really cool stuff. Also, being part of a club is a great thing to put on your resume, and helps you get involved in your school community. Try it! You might be surprised.