Battling Boredom

BoredAre you bored? Tired of doing the same old thing? February can sometimes be a gloomy month. The weather isn’t always the best and Valentine’s Day makes a lot of people cringe, so could it hurt if you tried to spice up your routine?

I know that when I’m bored or not very motivated I look for new things to do and try. I love trying new recipes, cleaning out unorganized spaces, and surfing the web for new ideas on how to spend my time. However, none of those have been cutting it for me recently. I’ve been disinterested in doing all those things… and have been watching (a lot) of TV.

So, the other day, instead of sitting on the sofa and wasting the afternoon away, I decided to surf the web to find a new hobby or something new to try. I looked at a few different websites and found some cool things to try, but I ended up deciding to make a scrapbook for my mom. I love taking photos and I think that creating something with lots of family photos will be fun and a great gift for her. It’s something I’ve never really done before and will be a great project filled with memories and fun!

Some other ideas I think I might try in the future include:

  • Sending a card to someone new every day for a month
  • Keeping a journal
  • Starting a band
  • Going backpacking
  • Learning a new language
  • Having a holiday theme party
  • Discovering a new author
  • Inventing a board game
  • Writing a song
  • Making a dream tent or a fort from the sheets and lights in your bedroom

Hope these ideas inspire you to try something new, and solve your boredom on any rainy day!