Unlocking the Secret Code to Success

GraduationMy fellow peers, we’ve made it! Graduations never really felt like a big thing until this moment. We’ve completed high school and now we are about to take the next big step. It’s the beginning of responsibility, freedom, choices, and bliss. As a graduating class this day makes us individuals – important people that will play a part in writing tomorrow’s history. Although tomorrow may seem like just another day, it really isn’t. In fact, tomorrow when we wake up and start our daily morning routine, we won’t see the same familiar faces or sit in the same classrooms that we’ve shared for the past four years. We will each be going our own way, writing our own futures.

As each of us goes our own way, I leave you with three simple words: Timing, Happiness, Determination. These words alone mean so many different things, but together I believe they’re the secret code to success.

  • Timing is everything. Plan accordingly. Don’t rush into things and live each day with positivity.
  • Happiness. Surround yourself with things that interest you. Meet new people and stay in touch with old friends.
  • Laugh, learn, love; these are some of the things that bring us happiness.
  • Determination. Have a passion for your life. Work hard, and play hard. Take all of life’s challenges and turn them into your success stories.

Tomorrow, when today is a memory, remember your own personal code to success and realize that there are no boundaries. You have the power within you to make your dreams a reality.