Can I Have Your Number?

Nervous with cell phoneA few weeks ago while I was walking through the hospital lobby, a stranger asked me for my phone number. What happened then was a combination of awkwardness, hesitation, and rejection. Some of us have probably lived through the experience of having a stranger ask for your number, but if you haven’t, thinking about different ways to respond will make it easier when it does happen.

Parents always tell you to “never talk to strangers”, but when is a person considered a stranger? Are they still a stranger if you meet them at an event? Is it okay if the person is your friend’s friend? Are they a stranger if you’ve met them once or twice? Basically, I think it should be based on how well you actually know them and also how you feel about the person. If you just met someone, chances are that giving them a way to communicate with you daily is not a good thing.

For example, if someone attractive comes up to you and asks for your number and you give it to them there are many different scenarios that could happen just by handing out those 10 digits. They could have bad intentions (or good ones), but the catch is that at first, you won’t be able to tell. So, keep in mind that boundaries are important.

If someone asks you for your number you could just say “I don’t give it out” or “I don’t feel comfortable”. It all depends on you. Keep in mind that one path can lead to another path. Be street smart, and think about what’s best for you.