To Forgive and Forget

FrustratedI’m sure that most of you agree that if you love someone, you won’t hurt them… but for some reason, we tend to hurt the ones we love. Most of the time it’s unintentional, but that doesn’t take away from the damage. Perhaps sometimes we take others for granted (especially those we love), and we don’t think about whether our actions are going to hurt them or not. It’s not like we sit down and plan it – it just happens. When you unintentionally hurt someone you expect their forgiveness, because you care about them and didn’t hurt them on purpose. However, when the tables are turned, and you’re the one that’s hurt, you find it hard to be able to forgive the other person – even if it’s for doing the same thing you were once forgiven for.

That’s the problem with this world. Everybody wants to be forgiven, but nobody wants to forgive. Most of us are self-centered. We think the world revolves around us and we can do anything and everything and have it all be okay. However, once something is done to us, it’s a different story. It shouldn’t be like that. You should treat others the way you expect to be treated. Respect others if you want to be respected. Forgive others if you want to be forgiven. This is how the world should work, but unfortunately it’s not how most of us see it. We often like to receive – not give – and that’s not how things should be.

It’s still the beginning of the new year, so learn how to forgive and be happy. People that hold grudges can’t possibly live a genuinely happy life. Learn how to appreciate others and hold those you love close to you. Be there for them when they need you, because tomorrow you may be the one to need their support.