How to Avoid the Side Effects of Summer

boredomSchools out and you have at least two full months to relax before the school year begins again. What could possibly go wrong? Summer vacation is fun overall, but it does come with “side effects”. No worries, I have some solutions so your summer will stand out as memorable for all the right reasons.

Side Effects and Solutions:

  • Poison Ivy: Wear barrier cream and protective clothing, and learn what poisonous plants look like so you can avoid coming in contact.
  • Bug Bites: Use insect repellant with DEET and protective clothing when outdoors. Avoid wearing bright colors and perfume or scented lotions when outside.
  • Sunburn: Before going outside, apply 30 SPF or higher sunscreen. Avoid tanning beds and limit sun exposure between 10am–4pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Wear a hat and sit in the shade.
  • Heat Exhaustion: When temps soar, stay hydrated and wear loose fitting clothing. Avoid sunburn, limit physical activity, and find shade.
  • Boredom: Find a summer job, volunteer and/or try a new activity. Look up your family tree. Join your local “Y” and get fit with a friend. Try out some healthy recipes.