Instagram vs. Vine

Instagram-vs-VineI’m an Instagram user and I’ve barely heard about Vine. Certain people I follow on Instagram post their Vine usernames in order to gain more followers, but I never really took the time to look into it until today. Vine looks like Instagram, but instead of pictures you’re supposed to upload 6 second videos. Instagram now allows you to upload videos too.

There are tons of websites that try to describe the differences between the two by explaining which one is better than the other. Some sources say Vine forces you to be more creative because the video is only 6 seconds long, whereas you have more time to tell your story on Instagram because the videos are about 15 seconds in length. The same sources also compare Vine to Twitter (you can sign into Vine with your Twitter account – just like you can sign into Instagram with your Facebook account).

Honestly, I prefer Instagram because I’d rather upload photos than videos. I don’t have time to create videos or to sit down and watch videos that people make just to get attention. I think the videos could be a nice way to document your vacation or a special event, but not for every day stuff. I think it would get annoying after a while.

I’m not sure if my friends use Vine… I don’t think so, or else I would have heard more about it. Even if they did, I wouldn’t create one because I know I would barely post anything (unless I was on vacation or at an important event). Anyway, as of now, I like Facebook more than Twitter, and I like Instagram more than Vine.

#TeamFacebook #TeamInstagram