My First MRKH Conference

1 in 5000On October 19, I joined many girls at the 8th Annual MRKH Conference at Boston Children’s Hospital. This was my first conference at the hospital, and I was very excited to learn that girls had the opportunity to meet others who share the same condition. Families of these girls also came to share their experiences and stories. There were  many different groups and sessions where people could come together and talk about how a close one affected by MRKH has influenced their lives.

I think it’s so important to have a support system, and because of the lack of awareness of this condition, that support may be hard to find. Girls came from different states and from different countries too! It was enlightening to see how much good can be done when bringing together a bunch of girls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate.

I didn’t know about MRKH prior to this conference, and I’m very happy to have been able to learn about it while seeing many girls coming together and sharing their stories. Many of the girls reflected on the experience as being informative and relieving, because they could talk with other affected girls. These young women left this meeting with new friends and new support. The conference was a huge success; I hope more people become more aware of this condition and continue to offer support groups to those affected.