Learning to Drive

driverAs the end of my senior year is approaching, there are a few goals I have in mind, and getting my driving license is my top priority. A lot of my classmates at school got their license at the beginning of junior year (last year), but I never felt like I was ready to get it, nor did I have the time. Living in Boston, I’m very fortunate to have access to all different routes of public transportation to get to and from school and work, or to just go around the city. For this reason I never had a major incentive to get my license, but I did envy my older sister because she got her license as soon as she was eligible.

Now that I’m a senior and most of my school responsibilities are over, I am very excited to work towards getting my license. I have been practicing and getting more comfortable behind the wheel. It’s really exciting for me to know that I will be able to go places without having to ask my parents or a friend for a ride. I’m learning the rules of the road and how to be patient but confident in difficult situations – there’s no time for hesitation in the streets, especially on the highway! It seems like a lot to learn right now but I am confident that I will get the hang of it and eventually be able to drive without the doubts or anxiety I feel right now.

Getting my license will be a huge step for me towards freedom and having a legitimate identification card, but it’s also an enormous responsibility.