The Beauty of Silence

appsWhether it’s the iconic Apple ringtone going off, the clicking of fingers on a keyboard, the ping of a Facebook notification, the chatter of someone on their Bluetooth, or the load volume coming from the flat screen TV—we’re surrounded by noises from technology. In this digital age, we’ve learned and have become comfortable with a new meaning of the word “noise”.

Have you ever caught yourself constantly checking your phone because you hadn’t heard it vibrate with the response you have been waiting for? Or have you ever been frustrated when Facebook tells you that your friend read your message but you haven’t gotten a response? Or have you ever constantly refreshed your Instagram account to see if you got anymore likes since the last time you checked 15 seconds ago?

If you’re saying yes to at least one of these behaviors, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I find myself falling into these traps way too often.

These feelings of disappointment, impatience, and frustration are far too commonplace in our world today because these noises and notifications have somehow brought us a sense of comfort, reassuring us that we are important to someone. However, when these notifications don’t appear, we’re left with uncomfortable thoughts. For example; we wonder why “he or she” never called back, or why you haven’t heard back from your job interview.

Lets be honest, everyone wants to feel important. As human beings it’s in our nature, but, unfortunately, because of social media and communication devices, the sounds of our time have left us yearning for attention. These technological noises have become part of our everyday lives, depriving us of the simplicity and the beauty of silence. Rarely are we given the chance to pay attention to our own voice and our own thoughts because they are often times lost in the commotion of modern society. It’s much too infrequent that I give myself the time to sit still, in the silence of my own thoughts, and really celebrate the opportunity to truly be present.

Give yourself a little break from all the noises around you at least once every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Let your thoughts take you where they want you to go and give yourself the time to enjoy the silence. If we cherish the beauty of silence more often, then maybe we won’t be so dependent on the noises that we have grown so accustomed to. Maybe then we can find a sense of peace within ourselves rather than through the satisfaction of a text or a tweet. These simple, yet important things in life are often overlooked but could be the key to a brighter future.