Talking To Your Parents

What I Wish My Parents KnewTalking to your parents about relationships can be stressful or even nerve racking. I’ve never been a fan of talking to both of my parents at the same time. With that being said I still believe that talking to your parents is really important because it can let them know if there is anything they should be concerned about. For me it’s hard taking that first step because I’m never sure whether or not they’re going to like my answers to their questions. Personally, when I need advice from my mother or father about relationships, I always make sure to let them know at the very beginning that there is nothing “wrong” and I also approach them with a positive attitude.
Talking to your parents doesn’t mean that you should only talk to them when there is a problem going on or only about relationships. You can also talk to them about everyday stuff such as friendships, what movies you’ve seen, etc. Simple conversations like that can build strong communication between you and your parent(s). I find that talking to my parents can be hard at times but it’s also worth it because they will likely trust me more and know that I’m a responsible young adult. There are many ways you can start a conversation with a parent.

Here are a few tips:
• Ease into a conversation – Tell your parent(s) about your day or ask them how their day went.
• Have a positive attitude- being positive can set the tone for an easier interaction.
• Ask your parent(s) a question – asking a question can be a way to initiate a conversation.