Don’t let tests get you down!

empty-exam-hallTesting is right around the corner and I’m stressing out even though all of my teachers are trying their best to prepare us. I personally am not a testing kind of person. I prefer to do lots of classwork and homework rather than sit down and take a test. Testing has become a way to let the district know what the teachers taught and what we’ve been learning the past year. This year I will be taking the ELA and math Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Test.  I am not a fan of math and the thought of taking the test is making me feel extremely nervous. That’s not the only thing I’m afraid of. The thought of failing the biggest test ever is just sitting in the back of my head as the weeks go by. 

I like to  prepare myself for the test by studying. Even if I don’t know what’s going to be on the test I always like to review my notebooks I save from the beginning of the school year to relearn what I might have forgotten. I also tell myself to relax before beginning my test because overthinking will not help me stay focused. Testing can make you want to cry. There are times when all I want to do is just give up, but I know that I can’t because giving up doesn’t help anything. All it does is makes things worse for you. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to do something you’re not comfortable doing. I always hated taking tests but I know that I’ll be taking tests for as long as I’m in school. I also learned that if you think positively, you’ll most likely have a better test score. No one likes taking a test but all we can do is prepare our brain. It’s important to get 8-9 hours of sleep each night but especially the  night before a big test. I also believe that eating breakfast in the morning can help you stay focused.

There is no single thing that can help you pass or get an amazing grade on a test but preparing yourself  can help you get the best possible grade. Stay positive and have some faith; I’m sure that you and I will do just fine.