Monday Blues

Blue-MondayDon’t let the title of this blog fool you—I’m not talking about the gloomy blues that some of you might feel on a Monday. Instead, I’m starting off your week with something much more exciting! This Monday, June 15th, is Blue Day in celebration of Men’s Health Week!

Men’s Health Week takes place every year leading up to Father’s Day to raise awareness about the specific health needs of men. This week is important for men of all ages—not just fathers or grandfathers. A lot of young men are fortunate to be healthy. This means they might not visit their doctor as often as they should. Unfortunately this becomes a habit that gets worse over time. For example, one day you might really need a doctor but you haven’t seen one in a long time. When you finally visit a doctor you might feel too uncomfortable with him/her to talk about what is really going on.

That’s why Men’s Health Week is so important. Its goal is to encourage conversations about men’s health so that more men can become engaged in their health care and educated about what will keep them healthy. So to kick off the week and support the movement wear your best blues on Monday. Jeans, t-shirts, hats…you name it! Take a selfie with the #menshealthweek or #bluemonday to get the conversation started on a larger scale! And make sure to check out the health guides on the to become more educated on your own health and wellbeing!

– Lauren