You’ve Got This!

PCOS BlogEarlier this month, fans of the US Women’s Soccer watched with anticipation as their team beat Japan, bringing home the World Cup.  It was absolutely thrilling to watch.  The team comradery was and is striking. To say that the team’s success is based solely on the fact that they know how to handle a soccer ball would be largely inaccurate. They are indeed exceptional athletes but the one common denominator is, every single player believed that success was possible. Each of these young women knew they would have to give more than 100% each and every day until they were able to achieve their goal.

Everything that I have read and watched on TV has convinced me that these world-class athletes are not only passionate about soccer; they believe in the possibility that you can do anything you want if you have the right attitude and determination.

An excerpt from their #SHE BELIEVES campaign goes something like this:

You can be the best. We believe in your dreams, in your goals and in your ability to reach them. It might be an uphill battle and you will get knocked down, but it’s your battle. Own it. Never give up.

So, how can this mantra apply to PCOS you might ask? Consider this: Making changes to improve your health is often challenging. It takes a lot of practice and dedication, just like training for a soccer tournament. Do you think if the women’s soccer team felt it was okay to give just 75%, they would be holding the World Cup right now? I think not. So why is it different with anything else, especially when it comes to improving your health?

My challenge to you is to drop the word “try” from your vocabulary. Instead of saying, I will try to improve my diet and exercise more” delete “try” and say with determination, “I will.”  If we asked the US Women’s Soccer team to initiate a campaign for women with PCOS, it might sound something like this.

“I have PCOS. I believe I can learn how to manage my PCOS and be healthy. I know it is challenging and I will struggle at times, but I am determined to improve my diet, exercise more and learn how I can manage my symptoms to the best of my ability. I will never give up.”

You’ve got this!

-Nurse Phaedra