New Year, New You: How to Keep Your Resolutions for 2016!

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_9_sm-First of all, you don’t need a resolution, the year will go by either way and you’ll rock it! However, if you want to be purposeful about a resolution for the upcoming year, remind yourself you have 365 days and it does still count if you discover what it might be after the first of the year.

Here are a few tips:

  • Prioritize: It is much easier to keep a resolution that you truly care about. Take the time to think about a few things that are really important to you not necessarily what society labels as a “good” resolution.
  • Organize: Create smaller goals in order to keep yourself on track. Maybe get a calendar (or use the one on your phone) and come up with weekly (or monthly) goals that will help you reach your ultimate goal for the year. Make sure they are within reach so you don’t get frustrated and give up too quickly! However, if you don’t reach them on time, don’t fret. Reflect on what got in the way and adjust your plan. You’re never “failing” when you’re trying.
  • Support: Discuss what you want out of 2016 with a friend or family member. It would be helpful if they also have a resolution they are trying to keep. You can hold each other accountable, motivate and even vent to each other. Sticking to your goal can feel easier when you’re not alone.
  • Patience: Change takes time and it is hard for everyone. You will hit roadblocks; everyone does and when you do be gentle with yourself. Think about what got in your way and brainstorm ways to avoid it for the next month.
  • Celebrate: You will also meet (or even top) goals you set for yourself, when that happens, make sure to congratulate yourself. Often times, we focus on what we have done wrong as opposed to everything we are doing right. This will keep you motivated and maybe even inspire you to set more challenging goals, who knows?

Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!