Happy Thanksgiving!

PCOS BlogThanksgiving is right around the corner! For many teens this means time away from school to celebrate with family and friends. This holiday is often food-centered and some teens worry about overeating, but planning ahead can allow you to enjoy your time off and your food!

Following your normal eating habits on Thanksgiving is super important, especially for young women with PCOS. For example, don’t skip meals in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, think about when your meals will be and plan snacks in between so you eat every 3-4 hours. This prevents large spikes and dips in your blood sugar. Eating meals and snacks like normal will prevent you from sitting down for your Thanksgiving meal famished and you will be less likely to overeat.

Traditional Thanksgiving foods can fit into the balanced “MyPlate” style of eating. For example, 3-4 ounces of white-meat turkey is an appropriate serving of protein as it will take up ¼ of your plate. For grains, try a spoonful of whole grain stuffing and mashed sweet potato on another ¼ of your plate. Remember whole grains and carbohydrates with fiber are recommended, especially for those with PCOS!  The remaining half of your plate should be full of vegetables such as green beans, Brussels sprouts, carrots, or salad.

Portioning is very important for Thanksgiving. There are many different dishes to choose from and it is easy to have a lot of food on your plate. Unfortunately, this can lead to overeating. Start with small servings of the foods you want to eat and if you are still hungry opt for more of the fruits and vegetables on the table. Remember that there will likely be leftovers from your meal that you can have at another time.

Proper planning can help you enjoy your time with loved ones without needing to worry about overeating! Eating meals and snacks like normal will prevent a dip in blood sugar and decrease the likelihood of eating overly large portions. Also, keep MyPlate in mind when putting food on your plate because it can help you with your portion size.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Dietitian Deena