Surviving High School

High school is a tough place for sure. I’ve been through it all and I can tell you that you will definitely need some words of wisdom to always keep in mind before moving onto this next chapter in your life. So here you go: my words of wisdom for the next few years.

There’s no such thing as a dumb question. This is something I wish someone had told me before entering high school. I was one of those kids who never thought she would need help from teachers. I flew through middle school with no challenges and I believed that high school would be the same. Sadly, this was something I quickly realized wasn’t going to be easy. I struggled as a freshman and ended up going to summer school; all because I was too scared to speak up in front of my classmates when I had a question. Instead, I kept quiet during class, always clueless as to what was going on. It wasn’t until sophomore year that I began having more of a connection with teachers and growing into the mindset of not caring what anyone thought of my questions because I was in school to educate myself, not to please my classmates.

There’s nothing wrong with having a small circle. Having a small group of friends isn’t a bad thing at all. There’s a huge difference between having acquaintances and having true friends who will stick by your side not only when things are going well but also when things may not be as great. Make sure you surround yourself with positivity; people who are looking out for your best interests at all times. Also, keep in mind that family will almost always be there for you as a support system even when friends aren’t.

Stay organized. Assignments will pile up over time, especially if you’re enrolled in honors or AP classes, so start making use of that agenda you maybe didn’t use when you were in middle school. Write in when assignments are due on your calendar so that you can set up a timeline for yourself. This will help make sure all of your assignments are completed and turned in on time, instead of rushing the night before they’re due.

Step out of your comfort zone. If you’re passionate about something, try finding a club for it. If the club doesn’t exist already, start your own with others who have similar interests.  Try getting involved in new activities. At the end of the day you will be helping yourself be part of something other than your studies, as well as building up your extracurriculars for college.

The list goes on and on but these are just a few personal tips that helped me survive high school. And remember enjoy it while it lasts! The four years may seem like forever right now, but they fly by. You’ll be wearing your cap and gown before you know it!

– Kiana