7 Brilliant Ways to Remember to Take Your Pill!


Oral contraceptive pills are often prescribed for PCOS, however it can be challenging to remember to take a pill every day at the same time. The reason why it’s so important to take the Pill in such a regimented way is because it contains hormones. Hormones control your menstrual cycle so keeping hormone levels as constant as possible is essential and will lessen the chance of having break-through bleeding. I was terrible at remembering to take my Pill every day so I came up with some strategies to get me on track. I hope you’ll find a method that works for you!

  1. First, decide on the best time of day to take the pill. If you are up at dawn during the week and sleep in on the weekends, first thing in the morning probably won’t work. Similarly, if you go to bed at different times, “bedtime” will not work either. Try choosing a time that will be constant such as noontime, or at a random time that works for you such as every day at 5pm.
  2. Set your phone alarm. Once you have figured out a time to take your Pill that works best for your daily routine, set two alarms, just in case you don’t hear the first one.
  3. Choose a special ring tone. You can pick a favorite song or select a fun ringtone that you associate with taking your Pill.
  4. Keep your Pill pack in the same place. Whether you decide to keep your Pill pack in your purse, backpack or next to your bed, keep the location consistent so you there’s no guesswork involved.
  5. Post a note. Write a note to yourself and post it where you will see it as a reminder to take your Pill.
  6. Cross it off. If you do better with paper and pens, keep a paper calendar and cross off when you take your Pill.
  7. Match it with an activity. Figure out an activity that you do at the same time every day such as brushing your teeth, feeding the dog, etc. so you associate the activity with taking your Pill.

Changing your behavior and habits takes a few days but soon taking your Pill every day at the same time will become a routine. Good luck!