Friends or Something More

Just like any other teen you most likely want to be accepted, loved, and respected. With everyone around you getting in and out of relationships you’re bound to instantly like someone and try to get close to them. Maybe you don’t end up with the person you thought you would and instead you end up liking the person who you always put in the friend zone. Remember to never assume how someone will be in a relationship. Be willing to give chances and if they don’t work out at least you gave it a good attempt. If they do work out you may have just found the person to make your true happiness complete.

Currently, the love of my life isn’t the person I thought I’d end up with when we first became friends. Not because I didn’t like him but because I never thought he would end up liking me. Looking back at us now, compared to where we began, I can say that I’m very thankful to have gotten the chance to first build a solid friendship and become comfortable with him before we stepped into our current boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

I know a lot of teens think that having a partner means pure happiness and joy 24/7. Now I’m not saying there aren’t great times, but what I can say for sure is that if you have a great communication with this person issues and problems are bound to get resolved in a respectful way. Within my own relationship I can say for sure that things aren’t always perfect because many times I can be bossy, a bit demanding, or our opinions may clash at times about touchy subjects, but knowing yourself and the person you’re with will only make the relationship stronger on many levels.

Talking and sticking to your own timeline will also be a huge help in working together as a couple. By “sticking to your own timeline” I mean doing things at your own pace when you feel comfortable enough going through with them. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something at a specific time not just sexually but anything, let your partner know that. Don’t feel weird not wanting to do something that maybe your friends do in their own relationships. Not everything will work for your own relationship because all couples are different, and this is something you both should keep in mind.

I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. Not every gift has to cost a fortune. I’ve gotten hand written letters, random red roses brought to me after a day at work, or maybe he brings me my favorite snack because I forgot my lunch at home. Those things mean more than an expensive gift because they symbolize effort and dedication. Treat your boyfriend/girlfriend how you want to be treated. Always try to give equally as much as you receive from your partner. This will always be better than having a one sided relationship where one person may feel as if they contribute more than the other. In case you don’t believe me give it a try, you’ll see that I’m right.

I promise there will be bumps along the road because after all we are only teens and everything is still new to us but these are just some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way with my own relationship with someone who has become my best friend. I hope this gets you thinking more about not only your current relationship but maybe future ones as well.

– Kiana