We’re Chatting Again!

PCOS BlogWe had a great summer and now we’re back to chatting about PCOS! Whether you’re new to our chat or you’re a frequent flyer, we would love for you to join us today and once a month to discuss PCOS-related stuff with specialists and other young women who share the same diagnosis and likely, similar concerns. The chat is a safe place to ask questions and receive support and it’s FREE and CONFIDENTIAL- no strings attached. “What is said in the chat stays in the chat!” Our staff can’t offer specific medical advice and the chat should never be a substitute for talking with your health care providers, however we will be able to provide you with general information as well as an opportunity to connect with others who are trying to learn how to deal with PCOS.

You can register for the chat on our website. You’ll just need to complete a brief online form, and then you’ll be good to go. There is no pressure to participate and attendance (once you sign up) is optional, so you can chat when you feel like it.  Click here to learn more: http://youngwomenshealth.org/online-health-chats/