Why are your websites important?

One of our readers asked why our websites were created and why they are important. What a great question and we are so glad you asked! Our young men’s and young women’s websites were created because we know that teens and young adults don’t always have time to go to see their health care provider when they have a health concern. We know that they are sometimes worried about their bodies and their health but are too embarrassed to ask about these in person. We all look up health information on the web but not all of the information out there is easy to understand and sometimes the information may not be entirely correct. We created our websites to make up-to-date accurate health information accessible to teens and young adults even if they live in other countries or live in places where it is not easy to get to a health care provider. We want all teens and young adults to be able to learn about health, nutrition, and emotional health from reliable sources and in a format that is easy to read and understand.

We have several features on our websites that make them especially teen-friendly.  All of our health guides are read and reviewed by teens before they make it to the websites. Our teen reviewers make sure the language is easily understandable and interesting to read. In our young men’s website, we add a feature to the health guides that suggest ways to bring up the topics with health care providers. Each week, we answer some questions on both websites sent in from readers. We even have some guides for parents too. Importantly, all the material on our websites is reviewed and updated every 2-3 years and more often if necessary.

We are so glad you are visiting our young men’s and young women’s websites. Please tune in often and share our web addresses with your friends and families. We welcome feedback, so feel free to let us know what you think.