Changing Mindset

Hello! My name is Georgina and I, too, am 1 in 10 who suffers from Endometriosis. I started having symptoms halfway through my freshman year of high school and I was officially diagnosed with Stage I Endometriosis that summer. Following my surgery, I tried many different medications, none of which seemed to work effectively for me.

The next year I missed a total of 50% of school, which severely impacted my social life and academic achievement. This was very difficult for me because I felt that the only reason I wasn’t reaching my full potential as a student was due to my attendance. At this point, I had nearly given up. My body wanted to surrender to the pain, and lay in bed all day, feeling helpless.

However, it was my mind and inner resolve that kept me going.

That summer after my sophomore year, I decided to change my mindset. I figured that I would be in pain regardless of whether I was active or did nothing all day. This mindset completely changed my lifestyle. I started going to the gym, eating healthier and even took a history course over the summer, not missing a single class. Along with my changing mindset, my pain started to change as well.

Ultimately, what helped my pain, and what helped me live my life, was my mindset. Yes, I still have pain and there are days when I can’t be as active as I’d like, but I no longer let this pain control me. I’ve chosen to live the life I want to live and do the things I want to do, and so should you.

As a volunteer and guest blogger, I will be writing about my journey with endo and other experiences that I am passionate about.

Stay tuned!