Making the Most of your Summer

As the school year winds down, one thing is on everybody’s mind: SUMMER. While summer is a time for relaxation , it’s also a great opportunity to do something valuable for yourself. There’s a perfect balance to strike here–let’s explore some options.

This first idea is one of the most practical: to get a summer job. Besides the obvious benefits of a paycheck, other advantages to a summer job are learning how to be responsible with money and the importance of being punctual, meeting new people, and gaining insight into career paths you might wish to pursue one day. In addition to your typical summer job (in food service or retail), be on the lookout for opportunities to explore potential career interests through internships and shadowing people in positions you’d one day like to be in. Thinking about being a doctor or a lawyer? Check out hospital or law firm websites to see if they have opportunities for students. Opportunities abound!

Traveling is another incredible way to spend your summer. Exploring places both near or far opens up doors to new people, cultures, and passions you may have never even thought of! By pushing yourself to explore places out of your comfort zone, you can learn a lot about yourself; what truly inspires you and more.

College. I know it is probably the absolute last thing you want to be thinking about with school having just ended. However, do not underestimate the benefits of getting a head start on this process by even just visiting a school or two nearby. Summer, with its less packed schedule, is the perfect time to do this. For rising seniors especially, it is crucial to go into the application process knowing what kind of schools you like, even if you don’t have the means to travel to all of them.

I don’t want to give off the impression that summer should be a 24/7 grind, because it absolutely should not. It is so important to rest, relax, and have fun. The summer is yours, make it something memorable. So now with these tips, get out of the house and get moving! Opportunity is out there, go and chase it!

PS. Don’t forget your sunscreen.