Introducing Owen

Hello everyone! My name is Owen and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I’m 16 years old and I’m a sophomore in high school where I’m on the rowing team. In school I enjoy Latin, Chemistry and Psychology. After high school I’m hoping to become a doctor (either a psychiatrist or a pediatrician).  When it comes to things outside of school, I enjoy playing video games, reading, spending time with my dog, a black poodle mix, and moderating for my school’s Quiz Bowl (trivia competition) team.

I work as a peer leader here at Boston Children’s Hospital, where I write blogs for Teenspeak, and our newsletter, Teen Talk. I also help train resident physicians on how to interview adolescent patients. I’ve always wanted to work in a hospital setting to project a unique voice I think it’s important to get everyone’s views and insights out into the world, no matter the age. I’m excited to write to all of you about topics that matter to me, and help inform you guys about any issues or information that could affect our lives!