Fighting Sickness Season

As we head into the fall, we also head into cold and flu season. Germs are all around us, and getting sick at some point is inevitable. Luckily, with these simple steps you can decrease your risk of illness and stay healthy this fall season and beyond.

  1. Wash Your Hands: The most important thing you can do to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands. Handwashing with soap and warm water is a simple step that greatly decreases your risk of infection.
  2. Get Vaccinated: Getting a flu shot is hugely important in decreasing your risk of illness. Flu shots are provided in many doctor’s offices, clinics, pharmacies, and college health centers for very little cost.
  3. Aim for 9 hrs. of sleep each night: If you are not getting enough sleep, your immune system can become compromised, increasing your chances of getting sick.

No one wants to get sick, but if you take these steps you’ll be on the right track for a healthy body!