COVID-19 Outstanding Teenagers

COVID-19 has made it difficult to get things done. Not only is it hard to get work done from a home computer, but seeing the same things day in and day out can put a damper on creativity and drive. The days start to blend together, and it’s hard to think straight. Repetitive schoolwork, less socializing, and boredom can also push us to the brink of insanity. There’s a blanket of repetitiveness over all of us and it’s incredibly difficult to peek out from under it. However, some teens are able to go above and beyond even in these trying times.

12-year-old Quinn Callander made an ear guard using his 3D printer at home for healthcare workers, who were suffering ear pain after wearing masks for long hours. 16-year-old TJ Kim is using his flying lessons to bring medical supplies to rural hospitals in Virginia and help hospitals who felt like they were forgotten. 15-year-old Shaivi Shah is creating sanitation kits for the homeless community, helping those who can’t quarantine as easily stay safe. Those 3 teenagers may be fantastic examples helping their communities, but there are ways to help yourself even a few months into the quarantine.

Interested in helping your community? Here are some tips on ways to get involved!

  • Have a high risk neighbor (elderly, immunocompromised, medical condition)? Offer to do their grocery run or other essential errands for them.
  • Enjoy sewing? Create homemade masks and scrub caps to donate to your community and local hospitals.
  • Spare money? Think about donating to a local COVID-19 relief fund or food bank.

Helping your community doesn’t have to be a large scale project either, sometimes just writing some letters to your friends or family is greatly appreciated.