Winter is coming, and so are seasonal vaccines!

Nowadays, it’s difficult to look into the future, or even outside of our own houses. Sometimes I feel like it’s even hard to remember what month it is (it’s October already!), let alone plan for the future. We are all so distracted by the problems going on in our world right now, that many of us have neglected our routine health. With everything going on, it seems like the flu shot might slip under the radar.

Some people might understandably be nervous about going to the doctors’ office during the pandemic. However, if you don’t feel comfortable going to the doctors, there are alternate ways to get your flu vaccine. You can find a flu vaccine at most pharmacies, community health centers, and local health department. Most locations are offering the flu shot for either a low cost or no cost (free), depending on your insurance. If you are working, ask your employer, many companies are vaccinating employees for free!  COVID-19 is still a very present threat to our health, and a bad flu season could exacerbate the problem. The last thing we need is more people getting sick and endangering those who are vulnerable to COVID. This years, when you get your flu vaccine, it not only helps you but it can really help protect other people stay safe—and luckily, it’s easy to do!