New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time to begin planning for this year!

I have been looking forward to 2022 for at least the past four years. This upcoming year I will be saying “goodbye” to high school and “hello” to college!

I’ve never been someone who sticks to New Year’s Resolutions because I lacked motivation by February, or I copied them from someone else. Below I have compiled a shortlist of things I want to accomplish this year ranging from school to my personal life.

Nia’s 2022 Bucket List:

  • Have my first sleepover (I know… I’m 17 years old and I have never had a sleepover)
  • Cook an entire meal by myself
  • Get a debit card
  • Register to vote
  • Work out (try different things like a professional soul cycle class)
  • Attend a poetry making class
  • Drive more (I have my license, I just HATE driving)
  • Wear my retainer most nights
  • Earn AT LEAST an A- in every class (don’t let senioritis take over!)
  • Study in the library or new location for motivation
  • Commit to a college that I love…and move in!

Those are just a few of the tasks on my overwhelmingly long bucket list for this year! I hope that everyone enjoys this year and that you make the most out of it. Remember, to have fun and be safe!