Staying Home for Spring Break

daffodils on a sunny windowsillThis spring break, I watched as my friends went off on exotic vacations and traveled the world, while I was stuck at home. Instead of being sad about it (okay, I was a little sad about it), I decided to use this as an opportunity to do things I normally don’t get to do. This opportunity actually allowed my spring break to be relaxing, restorative, and productive time. If you need advice on how to do the same, look no further!

  1. Go to the public library! As somebody who does not have enough free time to read a ton of books during the rest of the school year, spring break was a great time to catch up on some reading that I have wanted to do for a long time now. Your local public library is also a great resource if you just want a free place to hang out and read books or get work done.
  2. Delete social media. Deleting social media is a great way to focus on yourself without comparison to others. It is so easy to become consumed with posting and watching the lives of others on your technology, so using a school break to also take a break from social media or technology altogether is a good way to relax and reflect on yourself.
  3. Meditate. The ultimate in relaxation and reflection: meditation! You can follow a tutorial online, or even just sit down somewhere without distractions and relax. I personally love to follow guided meditations that include self-love affirmations, because they are so positive and help me foster a better relationship with myself.
  4. Go for walks. Walking is a great way to get some physical activity in in a very low-stress manner. Plus, you can get to know your neighborhood, enjoy the weather (you can get Vitamin D, even if you are not on a beach somewhere!), and listen to music or a podcast. Going on a walk always clears my head and helps me feel at peace.
  5. Meet up with friends! Of course, it is always fun and good for your social well-being to meet up with friends. You can do this online, if you are not in the same place or are socially distanced. Or you can do my personal favorite, which is grab lunch or find an event happening in your town and spend time outside together.
  6. Get ahead on schoolwork. It is so much easier to be productive sometimes without the pressures of deadlines, peers, and teachers looking over your shoulder. Finding a nice place to get some work done, whether it be the library, a cafe, or the floor of your bedroom, coupled with an iced coffee, can lead to a very productive day that leaves you feeling good about yourself!
  7. Watch a new movie! YouTube has some great movies available for free, outside all of the content that is available on different platforms. Take advantage of them and spend a relaxing evening curled up in bed watching movies or a new TV show.

– Amanda