Homemade Warm Weather Treats

When the sun is shining and the heat is on, it’s natural to crave a frozen treat like ice cream, slush, or a popsicle. Did you know that there are many cold treats that you can make yourself at home? That way you can customize the flavors and have total control over the ingredients that go into them. Here are just a few ideas for make-at-home frozen goodies:

  • Banana swirl: take some frozen banana chunks and put into the blender with other flavors (try peanut butter and chocolate chips or strawberries and blueberries)
  • Frozen grapes: just wash and dry grapes, freeze until frozen, and enjoy nature’s summertime treat!
  • DIY ice pops: using juice and fruit, you can make your own ice pops using a store-bought popsicle mold or even just a paper cup and a plastic spoon or wooden stick. Try orange juice with blueberries or 100% grape juice with cut up strawberries.
  • Smoothie pops: in the blender combine any frozen fruit you like with several dollops of plain yogurt and a splash of milk. Pour into a popsicle molds or use paper cups or even a muffin tin with sticks to create your own frozen smoothie-on-a-stick.
  • Banana pops: peel a banana and put onto a bamboo skewer or other small stick. Freeze, then roll in plain yogurt and sprinkle with toppings such as chopped up walnuts and mini chocolate chips. Refreeze and enjoy!
  • Frozen yogurt bark: you may have seen this done using pop-it toys to make fun texture, but you can also just use a rimmed sheet pan lined with parchment or wax paper. Simply spread plain yogurt in a thin sheet, sprinkle with toppings like chopped nuts, chopped fruit, seeds, or granola, and freeze. Once frozen, cut or break apart into chunks and enjoy.

Have fun experimenting with different flavors and styles! And make sure to have enough of these tasty treats on hand for when friends stop by on a hot day. Happy summer!

-Dietitian Katrina